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“It’s up to us as marketers to understand that the decision to buy is made by providing knowledge and possibility that customers naturally crave, in all the ways and places they crave it. It’s the moment of truth for any business.” – Richard L. Camp, Founder, Camp Media Arts

Camp Media Arts is a Northern California Inbound Marketing and Digital Services Agency. We focus on marketing that engages people, supports lead generation and business growth.

We go beyond website design, search, and social media presence to attract curious buyers to your business, generate leads and nurture those leads into paying customers. Its a methodology we call Holistic Digital Marketing™. HDM is about engaging your audience by listening to what they want. Then offering content that earns trust instead of buying it.

If you are passionate about growing your business, we can design a holistic digital marketing plan built on a foundation of brand essentials, inbound marketing and creative services. Move your business to a better place, where the decision to buy is made by engaged customers: on the Internet, in blogs, in search queries and social media. Interested in learning more? Get your free Holistic Digital Marketing assessment.

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